There are often words in a language which is not our own that capture a meaning that is precise; a feeling or description so perfect that we must bridge over and take from the other land to claim it. GUSTO is one such word in both Spanish and Italian that captures a vibrant feeling of taste and pleasure.

GET THE GUSTO is just that. CASA GUSTO, a recently hatched company of antiques, objects and artworks opened its doors on Georgia Avenue in West Palm Beach, Florida in November 0f 2018 . The space is filled with goods old and new, gathered and invented from around the globe.

17th , 18th- and 19th century furniture mixed with a dose of mid-century to hand painted and hand-thrown Talavera from Mexico evoking 19th Century Lebrillo from Granada. End runs and vintage fabric cushions coming together to make dowry quality comfort. Hand molded ceramics from France where earthly pigments dress the table in colors that you can almost taste. Lively and exotic canvases of artist Catharine Warren making the walls on which they are hung come to life.

“Sexy and provocative is the goal as well as wanting to repurchase everything in the shop for ourselves ,” says Cris Briger co-proprietor with her son Charles Peed and recently joining in, her son Augie Briger. The family exudes excitement for all that is within. It is a very personal journey sought after and going public in a mutual love of the hunt, chase, and capture of all that is….. GUSTO.