Papier-Mâché Paneling

Molded Pulp is painted and layered, in this case to evoke
a 19th Century anteroom of a Swedish manor home.

Molded Pulp is painted and layered, in this case to evoke
a 19th Century anteroom of a Swedish manor home.


Casa Gusto employs the age-old technique of molding paper pulp with flour and water to achieve rooms full of decorative and sculptural ornamentation, capturing atmospheres of the past and some yet to be imagined. The Papier- Mâche paneling encompasses three forms of paper molding. The first layer of Paper-Mâché forms the background, composed of thin layers of sheet pulp aplied to structural fiberboard with a painted textured finish. A second layer adds a low relief element, accentuating the design’s borders and framing through various types of papered trim and patterns such as tile or coffering varieties. The third layer is distinctively decorative and categorically the most sculptural, engaging the highest dimensional relief and complexity.


Over the coming year, Casa Gusto intends to unveil an array of four inceptive papier-mâché atmospheres spanning distinct eras of inspiration and cultures of style. Electing one of these designs will be the foundation of your room.

To initiate the process, send in architectural elevations and/or hand drawings with measurements and schedule a meeting with us to discuss your initial vision. Ideas can start with a rough drawing or photo references. Every room will be different, even if it stems from the same design.

After the introductory meeting, Casa Gusto will be involved in all parts of the project design, from the initial drawings to the final approved composition. The design house will offer guidance and inspiration every step of the way that aligns only with the highest standards of Casa Gusto.

Once the room’s design has been finalized, Casa Gusto will ask to confirm all required measurements and accommodate all modern comforts such as light- ing and climatization. Signing off on approved drawings and measurements will begin the production process with a fifty percent deposit.


Architecture & Relief

Low Level Relief

Protrudes under 3”, i.e. molding, trim, coffering, framing or ribbons.

Figural Relief

Sculptural relief contained within a panel’s width.

Decorative Relief

Protrudes over 3” contained within a panel’s width.

Highly Decorative Relief

Rich ornamentation, decorative relief spanning multiple panels, and intricate layering.

Architectural Detailing

i.e., molding, trim, cofferings, jib doors or any specialized architectural needs.

Architectural Casings

Protrudes over 3”, i.e. relief spanning multiple panels windows, fireplaces, etc.


Color & Decorative Painting


A worn pale finish evoking an ealier sense of time.


A solid almost completely opaque detail


Decorative outline


Faux tile finish. Shown here with mullions.


Stripping with worn finish.


All over pattern.

Custom colors require client approval with sampling.


Casa Gusto's papier-mâche paneling will be formally quoted once room drawings have been approved. Pricing wholly depends on the design's complexity level, which takes into consideration all elements from existing room architecture, varying levels of relief, panel coloration and painting and the degrees of ornamentation. All walls and ceilings will be quoted individually by the square foot unless the design inhibits the separation. The diverse elements have been tiered below. All Tiering is determined by the design house.


Characterized by low-level architectural relief, simple painting and all over finishes. Low-level architectural relief protrudes under 3”, i.e. molding, trim, coffering, framing or ribbons. The client must approve all custom colors or finishes with sampling.


Characterized by all decorative relief over a 3” protrusion contained within a panel’s width, Complex painted patterns, i.e. tiles or repeats and architectural obstacles, i.e. door and window casings.


Characterized by Rich Ornamentation, Decorative Relief spanning multiple panels and intricate decorative painting.





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