16 Noteworthy European Antiques Shops in the United States

16 Noteworthy European Antiques Shops in the United States

Your next find is waiting for you.

People are turning to antiques stores more and more to find those one-of-a-kind pieces that enliven a home with a timeless design sensibility. However, it’s helpful to understand that navigating the antiques market can be (simply put) a lot—from knowing where to shop to what to look for (and, more importantly, what to avoid), as well as the historical knowledge that comes in handy when embarking on an antiquing adventure. It’s no surprise that even the most seasoned and best interior designers can be left feeling overwhelmed.

Luckily, shops across the country are simplifying the “thrill of the hunt.” In particular, European antiques dealers have been curating and presenting their collections in ways that make shopping for antiques more enjoyable. Some of the most coveted pieces in the United States, European antiques help to establish a respite from excessively modern design trends. These 16 secret (and not-so-secret) spots are the best places to find those hidden treasures.

Whether you’re looking some leisurely Saturday afternoon entertainment or you’re on a serious buying trip to fill a home, you’re bound to head home with a unique find from these noteworthy European antiques shops in the United States.

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